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Mining and Material Handling

Mining materials handling requires experience, professionalism, and a dedication to employee health and environmental safety. That is why you look to WA Sand Supply and Haulage with over a decade of experience and a satisfied client base that reaches across Western Australia.

Any mining or quarry operation is subject to very stringent rules on safety and environmental impact. To this end, WA Sand Supply and Haulage has been accredited in safety, quality and environmental management to International standards : AS 4801:2001, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. All of our drivers hold white cards and have taken courses in fatigue management and other important safety directives and fulfilling lawful compliance including current medical certification updates.

Constant training and evaluation of mining materials handling processes ensures that WA Sand Supply and Haulage remains among the leaders in adhering to laws, regulations, and standards of haulage in mining. We take our commitment to providing first class and top quality service seriously.

WA Sand Supply and Haulage serves clients in the mining, construction, and other fields across much of Australia.

Our clients range from major businesses to government agencies to small business. At WA Sand Supply and Haulage, our 70 transport vehicles and network of partners can handle any size project. Over a decade of experience enables us to do the job more efficiently and safely than all our competitors.